Contributing to Moola

Submission Guidelines

  1. Spot size: 21 x 21 x 10 blocks, something that visitors should be able to travel through fairly quickly if they wish.
  2. Symbol syntax: always use double-character symbols.
  3. Exits: N, S, E, W exits; U, D optional. Must be visible and usable - its okay to put a puzzle in the way to get there. Don't worry about where these exits will go; this is the resposibility of the Moola coordinator.
  4. Other links: no hyperlinks to outside spots; HTML files must open in new windows.
  5. Blocksets: only introduce one new blockset per spot in addition to the standard flatland sets.
  6. Graphics and sound: total has to come in at less that 1MB for ALL - these are rooms and need to start up quickly.
  7. Author: should put their name, e-mail address, and latest date at the top of the Spot file for record-keeping. Since there is currently no meta-tag supported by Rover yet, please put this information in comments.
  8. Submission: The entire folder should be zipped into a single file and uploaded to flatland (link coming soon). Your files and folders should follow this format:

Download Moola Spot Template