While flying over the Himalayas, I discovered a Castle nestled in a small valley! The castles back was set into the north mountains. When I landed in Tibet, I asked if anyone knew about it. It wasn't on any maps; and no one ever remembered it being there before. A few said that there was a legend of such a place long ago. A timeless valley that stood in a never ending season of spring. Could I have discovered such a place? I'm sure I could get there again. But where can I land a plane... If I'm to explore this strange place up close, I'll have to parachute in.....


Castle Kathmandu is my first 3DML Web Spot. It's a web page that can be viewed in a 3D environment from a first person perspective. Basically just try to find a way out. It's rather easy. You need to have the Flatland Rover installed on your computer to view it. It's real simple to download. Just click the banner below to get to their web site. They have links to more 3D spots, and can teach you how to make your own world like I have. They also have an excellent tutorial that you can download. Most of the textures were taken from the Tomb Raider block sets, But of course the Basic and village blocksets are there too. There's no way I could have made this spot with out the help of Flatlands tech. support. A big thanks to Christopher Nash for putting up with all my dumb questions. I'm sure I was very annoying. If you already have the Flatland Rover...


This has been a Gargoyle creation

I created it with a P133, and videocard that doesn't support 3D effects. So if colors or transperencies seem funny; sorry. I was guessing <smirk>. If walking around seems "choppy" (because you have a slow system), try make your browser window smaller. It's worked for me. This spot has taken me about 2 1/2 weeks to complete. I hope Lara Croft enjoys her Birthday gift. She was why I made this in the first place.

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